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Apply For Bronze

Healthy Schools London bronze award

Please complete the Apply for Bronze Form and submit a Review Tool. Only registered schools are able to access this form.

To achieve a Bronze award, a school will need to review its practice in promoting health and wellbeing.  There are several ways in which the school can show it has done so (i.e., any one of the following is sufficient):

In order to apply and receive the Bronze award, the school will need to register with Healthy Schools London through this website.  The school can then either complete the Healthy Schools London Review Tool (Bronze Award), or upload the local tool of the award they already hold that qualifies them for HSL Bronze. NB: 2MB maximum file size. Once awarded, schools must submit a Local Healthy Schools Review or completed Healthy Schools London Review Tool (Bronze Award) every 2 years to ensure that they are maintaining HSL Bronze status.