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Apply For Silver

Healthy Schools London silver award

Please complete the Apply for Silver Form and submit the HSL Silver Award Planning Template. Only registered schools are able to access this form. NB: 2MB is the maximum file limit

The school should already hold a HSL Bronze award.  The school should then use the Healthy Schools London (HSL) Silver Award Planning Template to do the following:

1.  Undertake a needs analysis that identifies action that will help pupils to achieve and maintain good health and wellbeing.  These actions should include one universal action (i.e., that will affect all the pupils in the school) and one targeted action (i.e., that is aimed at a particular group of pupils in the school).

2.  Develop an action plan for how they will deliver these actions, that makes clear the outcomes that they are aiming for, and includes milestones by which they will know they are making progress. 

Please use the Guide to Achieving the Healthy Schools London Silver Award to help.